Ending the desire for roles & acceptance

Ending the desire for roles & acceptance

Watch video ”Ending the desire for roles & acceptance” vlog of Spiritual Intelligence [SQ] and Self-Leadership Journey Log.

A deep-seated realisation in the wake of my previous vlog. I have roles upon roles to alter myself “correctly” within given circumstances. These roles include being the right kind of boy, man, son, part of society, having the right kind of background, education, title, income, position, standing ect. These roles, if “correct enough” I get accepted. Bad roles however are ones rarely getting any acceptance. The roles of being in trouble, sick, unemployed, alcoholic, drug addict or addiction of any kind … These roles diminish the value of the preferred roles.

The genuine me, authentic self is not lost under these roles, which fight feverishly to hold up an exterior of “good”, “appropriate” and “right” so we can receive acceptance. The genuine me is right here, with us at this very moment FROM WHICH we deviate away toward a more preferable role, which will get more acceptance than who we really are i.e. human.

This realisation, to see myself keep up these roles with strenuous effort. My REALISATION was not that the true self was hiding, no. My realisation was that when momentarily I stopped reaching for a role, I gravitated back to who I am. No effort. True self is right here and now, it has never been in hiding. It is just that my ideas of acceptance has kept me continuously trying to get into roles that will gain acceptance, because my basic premise has been that my true self is not worth it.

I am wrong. So wrong and for so long.

QUESTION OF THE DAY:  What are your roles? Are you in a role right now?


Spiritual Intelligence [SQ] and Self-Leadership Journey Log 493-494

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