Cognitive dissonance – from Waking Up to Empowerment

Cognitive dissonance – from Waking Up to Empowerment

Watch video ”Cognitive dissonance – from Waking Up to Empowerment” vlog of Spiritual Intelligence [SQ] and Self-Leadership Journey Log.

It is like being in two realities at the same time. However, the experience is not about two “separate” realities, but vantage points on one and the same thing.

One vantage point is where the view is very limited [mind] and the other is where the vantage point _includes_ the previous one while making the whole even bigger through not being limited [heart, spirit, whole]. Make sense? 😛

I describe this in my paper [link below] as the movement from the stage of “waking up” into “empowerment”. This is where the mind releases its power – in the limited and limiting function – naturally and the part of our humanity kept hidden takes the vacant space, i.e. where the mind has no place.

The stages go something like this. When one is in the world of “helplessness” the mind is in control. Words like fear, competition, time, scarcity, mater, knowing and such describe this stage well.

The next stage is “waking up” where intuition, listening to oneself, nature, awareness, energy and using one’s own fears as a source of wisdom, power and understanding makes much more sense.

The last phase is “empowerment”. This is where one feels to have a new identity, knowing, connection, purpose and meaning as a part of the larger whole while taking responsibility through the sense of taking care of something very important in our lives.

The movement from “waking up” to “empowerment” is proving to be very interesting where the heart kindly occupies the place where the mind was before. Spiritual intelligence [SQ] seems to define this experience well, but it is an experience, not an intellectual concept.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Have you experienced something similar after you have waken up to a new sense of responsibility in your life? Where you feel the “mind” to be limited, but as this limitation is penetrated by your sense of “connection”, “heart” or “soul” you can see through a new perspective? How would you word this yourself?


Spiritual Intelligence [SQ] and Self-Leadership Journey Log 494-506

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