Spiritual Self-Leadership - The greatest & hardest decision you’ll ever make for you growth in life or in business.

I was the biggest fool to think we’re really seeking evolution in health, equality, love, science, energy, education, living, politics or using Earth’s resources let alone our own life or in business.

We’re not.

Realising this, Spiritual Self-Leadership is the one thing, you most likely are not willing to take upon, unless there is a genuine and impending crisis about to change or obliterate the familiar or the intimate you know.

Or, in the case that there is a genuine question driving you forward and you are willing to look at the answers and let them transform you is another thing altogether (for this integrity driven possibility, see below…).

However, the more likely option for many of us, is to hold our mind and heart closed even tighter. This, rather than opening up and seeing the full scale of emergency a.k.a. “the great challenge” be that in our own life, business, society or in our environment.

The uneasiness we actually do feel is the invasive sense that we’re going to be labelled and harmfully categorised by friends, family, colleagues or society as we picture our future when we’re talking about politically incorrect, controversial, urgent, heartfelt or what is true, real and vividly present in our life.

It is no stretch of imagination to say how literally we make our reality by the way we use words to describe what is ”real” and ”true” at this moment. Regardless of the fact that the ”real” and ”true” are one option of many.

Spiritual Self-Leadership is a path to unwind these limitations by the easiest way possible: use our innate ability to let our thoughts and words we describe ourselves, our everyday life and business be transformed naturally. This act alone makes us feel and be more here, safe, balanced, healthier, powerful and eventually more of who we truly are. Nothing needs to be done. The formula and the skill is very simple:

Realising our greatest fears and limitations – or allow a deep question in our hearts to find its answer – with highest of integrity, with our mind and heart open. We can then give our unique version of Spiritual Self-Leadership, the sense of our purpose, meaning, connection with wisdom and compassion, into the very place where the deep question, fears or limitations reside.

Needless to say, this opens us up to creativity and energy we could only dream of using in our life, business or as a part of society.

However, making the above realisation possible is something you or I naturally avoid doing; we know, de facto, that if we knowingly and willingly make the greatest & hardest decision of our life, we inevitably subject ourselves to change we know nothing about thus immediately transforming our current fears and limitations beyond recognition.

That is all there is to it. It is the journey and the goal in one moment. This is where it all begins and all you have to do is choose to experience it for yourself.

Are you up for it? Most likely not. Good!

I wasn’t either.



Course in Spiritual Self-Leadership can be summed up by the following words:

“I assure you, when there is complete nakedness, utter hopelessness, then in that moment of vital insecurity there is born the flame of supreme intelligence, the bliss of truth.” * This is the road in spirituality and spiritual intelligence (SQ) arising from within, for being open in heart and mind at the presence of our limitations: deep questions, fears, doubts and uncertainties.

Therefore course in Spiritual Self-Leadership promises you only ONE thing through your conscious Choice: Transformation.

“Difficult things provoke all your irritations and bring your habitual patterns to the surface. And that becomes the moment of truth. You have the choice to launch into your lousy habitual patterns, or to stay with the rawness and discomfort of the situation and let it transform you.” * You Choosing to be transformed by what you seek, is the ONLY meaningful promise you can give yourself. Nobody can do this for you.

After submitting yourself to it, a truth, which is next to impossible to believe, emerges:

“You are free, You are powerful, You are good, You are love, You have value, You have a purpose. All is well.” * These are the key components of a purposeful life and meaningful business, all the while being mindfully present and having a unique place in the world.

Indeed these are just words, because without your personal conscious decision and experience, these words remain as hollow as a drum.

Letting yourself to be transformed by your deep question or something you cannot know beforehand only by submitting yourself to the unknown, is the best & hardest thing you or I will ever do. Waking up to this Choice can be even harder.

The reality is that most of us will never want to be the person to actually do this: We will fight NOT to break through our barriers or risk swimming against the stream. We’ll fight not let the answer to our deep question change us. We’ll fight NOT to feel isolated or labelled, and most certainly we’ll fight NOT to to Choose, wake up, change, or be transformed…


Concurrently this is why most of us will be spectators, standing in the crowd – contributing to our state of restrictions and insufficient possibilities through cementing the very base of many of our current fears and limitations by laughing, negatively evaluating, blaming, shaming, hating and judging – the efforts of those who actually made the Choice for transformation and strive to make evolution happen in creating something truly novel in their own life, love, work or business.

Those are the Women and Men in the Arena.

Spiritual Self-Leadership as a Service is The ART of finding more ways for our integrity to illuminate more profound, meaningful, purposeful and connective reasons to stay in the Arena and keep making those Choices time after time until what we imagined in our wisdom and compassion becomes


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It took me over a decade to wake up to the Choice; to face my own fears, incompleteness, flaws, slew of mistakes, and to the bitter self-blame for them. It was not even then a start of a ”Hero’s Spiritual Journey”, as much as I would have liked it to be, but the last straw before caving in for the last time. The alternative was to keep looking at my “lousy habitual patterns”, which left me in bad physical shape, broke, depressed, unemployed, dependent and living a life, seemingly without a purpose. This predicament turned into a deep, burning question: How is this possible?

After making the Choice, keeping my eyes and heart open no matter what, it took me another 538 days of conscious effort to stay in the rawness of my discomfort without launching into my harmful patterns, which I did (and still on a occasion do). But my resolve was enough to allow transformation to take place. I did not know what to expect, and there it was! The whole point was to not know – then transformation started to have ”it’s” way and the answers started to come in and change me.

There was no sudden enlightenment nor sophistication. Just spiritual awakening, waking up – I still appreciate beautiful women*, great cars, good food and luxurious living. I train hard, drink craft beer with occasional whisky and cigar on the side. I’m still human.

Making the Choice is to say that there needs to be another answer to my uncertainties, fears and question, a meaningful and purposeful way of living life and doing business!

The plunge does not rob you from your uniqueness, personality traits nor you aspirations in any way or form. To the contrary: the experience of jumping from the spectators seat straight into the Arena is the transformation, where you leave behind everything, which was not your to begin with, including what you or others thing is ”right” or ”wrong” for you. This experience makes us use inspiring and true words and beliefs – tested by our own first hand experience – to describe who we are and what is real for us.

There are 145 videos, totalling 24 hours of testimony of the best & hardest journey I have ever made in my life ( English | Finnish ).

Also below, a Compilation of my understanding of what to expect when the transformation and the answers you get in your journey will make you grow into something you always wanted to be. Some would say, this is the ”reward” for making the Choice. But in the end, it’s much more like a tool, talent, or rather an ART to be skilfully used.

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My purpose is to stay in the Arena.

My purpose is to keep scouting for greater integrity within and from the masters and students I share this space with.

My purpose is to direct my awareness and change my consciousness to clearly realise the feelings, intuitions, words, ways, knowledge and actions for one goal:

to make free & clean zero-point energy, independent living, flourishing environment, nutrition rich natural foods, transparent knowledge, think-education, dis-ease free mind & body, trust & inspiration based business, life’s purpose enabling employment, supreme feminine & masculine power, politics of hope and our significant place in the vibrational universe






Be a spectator or in the Arena, that is a Choice, and it’s on you alone. As there is no way to be half-pregnant, there is no halfway doing this, either.

Certainly, there are no guarantees, otherwise it would not be the unknown, but yet another lousy habitual pattern.

If you’re in the Arena already or you have Chosen to leave the life of a spectator behind, contact me.

Let’s make something awe-inspiring happen.

EU countries & Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, England.

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